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Congratulations on getting it done!

Chances are, you don't remember much of the instructions that was reviewed. Don't worry, we will go over some of the key home-care instructions. You may also click on the link above, which will direct you to the full instructions page. You also have a copy of all of the instructions in your home-care bag.


Bleeding after wisdom teeth extraction is completely normal and will be most intense during the first 24hours following surgery. Mild bleeding (a slow trickle that is on and off) is completely normal during the first 3 days. To help stop bleeding, take 1-2 pieces of gauze that was provided to you in your home-care bag, fold it into a square, slightly moisten under water and place it all the way in the back of the mouth directly over the site of extraction and firmly bite down for 20-30min non-stop. When biting down on gauze, avoid excessive talking. You may repeat this twice.

To minimize the risk of running into bleeding later on, try biting on gauze 2-3x during the first day, whenever you are not eating or sleeping. If you encounter bleeding that you cannot manage, please contact our office or page Dr. Ebrahimi directly using the information provided to you on your booklet.


Pain after surgery is completely normal and may peak by day 3.

You will be anesthetized ("frozen") for several hours after the surgery. When you arrive home, take the gauze out of your mouth and focus on consuming lots of liquids such as water, juice, gatorade, freezies, chicken soup. Once you have something in your stomach, take the prescribed pain medication as it was instructed to you before the freezing sensation wears off! Avoid taking pain medications on an empty stomach as this may lead to abdominal pain.

Bruising and Swelling

This is completely normal and will peak by day 3 to 4 after surgery. To minimize the extent of swelling and bruising, apply the re-usable ice packs that was provided on and off several times during the first 48 hours.


Days 1-3:

Best to start with liquids and gradually advance to puree diet.

Examples: (Juice, gatorade, freezies, chicken soup, mashed potato, any puree vegetables, smoothies without seeds)

Days 3-5:

Soft puree to minimal chew diet including anything that you can break apart with just your fork.

Examples: (well cooked pasta and rice, minced meats, soft vegetables, soft bread...)

As you advance your diet, the act of chewing may result in more jaw pain. Food can also become trapped in the sockets, which is why you should gently rinse your mouth after meals.


Best to take it easy for the first 4-5 days and do not exert yourself too much. If you decide to go swimming, keep your head above the water!


Best to avoid smoking during the first week or as long as you can. This is a good reason for you to consider quitting!Smoking in the recovery period can result in the development of dry socket which is quite painful.

It is normal to have a dull ache with your lower wisdom teeth extraction site for up to 2 weeks after surgery. Please remember to keep these sites clean with the way Dr. Ebrahimi showed you at your follow up appointment using the monoject syringe until the holes close on their own. Food getting trapped in these sites can potentially result in infection.


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